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Little Rock, Arkansas
  February 5 - 9, 2005

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Mr. Mark Legendre
SAAS Secretary/ Treasurer

Ms. Gayle Gautreau
Assistant to Mr. Legendre

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Opening Program Presentations 

The Importance of Multi-State Collaboration in Fulfilling the Mission of USDA Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service, presented by Colien Hefferan, Administrator, USDA-CSREES 
(no visual presentation)

Collaboration in Research and Extension Southern Region Small Fruit Consortium, presented by Eric Young, Southern Association of Agricultural Experiment Station Directors.

Collaboration in Teaching Shared and Jointly Taught On-Line Courses in Agricultural and Extension Education, presented by Gary Moore, North Carolina State University.

A Template for Sharing Tenured Faculty in Multi-State Research and Extension--Kentucky and Tennessee Tobacco Research and Extension Programs, presented by M. Scott Smith and Michael Barrett, University of Kentucky.

Collaboration in Diagnostics, Southern Plant Diagnostic Network, presented by Gail Wisler, University of Florida.

Do Multi-State Programs Serve Constituents Effectively? presented by Industry Spokesperson (no visual presentation)

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