2005 SAAS
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Little Rock, Arkansas
  February 5 - 9, 2005

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Mr. Mark Legendre
SAAS Secretary/ Treasurer

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Below are photos taken during the 2005 SAAS Convention held
in Little Rock, Arkansas. (Click on photo for larger image.)


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SAAS Registration

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Double Tree Hotel

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Student Judging Contest


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SAAS Presentations

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Poster Presentations


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Poster Presentation

Awards Ceremony

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Quizbowl.jpg (846075 bytes)


Quiz Bowl

Plant Pathology Panel Discussion


The Peabody

Peabody.JPG (674519 bytes)


Duck Ceremony

saasfolkswaitingforducks.jpg (301943 bytes)

ducks2.jpg (264218 bytes)

ducks1.jpg (181318 bytes)

SAAS Participants Lining Red Carpet Ducks Parading from Duck Pond Ducks Parading to 
Duck House

Each day, The Peabody conducts a Duck Ceremony with a great deal of pomp and circumstance. As crowds gather, red carpet is laid out for the ducks and an elevator is held in reserve for their entrance and exit. Special groups are recognized and asked to line the red carpet as Honorary Duck Masters. The Mallard drake and hens parade from their glassed Duck House located on the 2nd Floor to the Duck Pond in the lobby of The Peabody every morning around 11:00 am. Every afternoon around 5:00 pm, the ducks parade from the Pond back to their Duck House for the night. This is an honored tradition in all Peabody Hotels. 

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