2005 SAAS
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Little Rock, Arkansas
  February 5 - 9, 2005

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Mr. Mark Legendre
SAAS Secretary/ Treasurer

Ms. Gayle Gautreau
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Little Rock Miscellaneous Information


Little Rock National Airport  

(Hotels are about 7 miles from airport.)
City of Little Rock

          The Clinton Library
          The Arkansas Gallery (in the Little Rock National Airport)
          Arkansas State Fair 

Little Rock Zoo

          The Arkansas Repertory Theater
          Little Rock Folk Club 
          Old State House Museum
          Museum of Discovery 
          Little Rock Guest Guide 

Restaurants, Dining, Playhouse, etc.
  Vermillion Water Grille -- 200 S Commerce Ste 150                  

                 Phone: (501) 371-9600 (1 block from Peabody)

          Cothams in the City -- 1401 W 3rd St - Phone: (501) 370-9177
                  Open M-F 11:00 a.m-2:00 p.m.
(0.6 mile from Peabody)

          Camp David -- 600 Interstate 30, Little Rock 

                Phone (501) 975-CAMP - (0.7 mile from Peabody)
                Open M-Sun (see website for details) 

  Murray's Dinner Playhouse (4.5 miles from Peabody)
          Other Fast Food, etc (From Yahoo Internet site--FYI only)

Shopping Information
          River Market District (about .5 mi from hotels)
          Online Little Rock Guide to Shopping

Excursions offered to SAAS Participants (PDF format)
Print and fax or mail form to Little Rock Tours. 
Space is limited - First come first served.

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